We conduct qualitative studies that improve program design and enable programs to be a better match between funders’ objectives and beneficiaries’ needs.

The situational analysis of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, and Northern Iraq can be used to design health, housing, or education programs for refugees.

The health needs assessment in India and Indonesia will be used to design health initiatives within the Smart City projects in these two cities.


We employ qualitative methods to monitor programs so that implementers can learn, adapt, and if necessary, course correct.

The HIV study of sex workers in India incorporated process monitoring of the implementation. Regular feedback provided by the study helped implementers understand the effectiveness of their efforts and negotiate roadblocks.


We provide evaluation services to help answer questions on the why and how of program impact.

 The qualitative study of an education program in Haiti was designed to understand why compliance with the program was low in treatment schools.


We train study teams in qualitative study methods depending on the needs of the projects.

We have trained data collection teams in India, Nepal and the Middle East.